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Sugar Blast! It's a new puzzle game from Rovio to KING

Sugar Blast! it's the new puzzle game Candy Crush Saga and that makes it very clear that Rovio is going to be clear to try to scratch market share to KING, the king of this type of games in which we have to combine chips / candies / whatever is the same color.

The best thing about Maple is the variety of levels it has in a beta release. That is to say, there is scope for them to improve it and make it more difficult, since in a matter of minutes you can complete 5 levels without barely messing up.

A special touch for a good color matching game

Sugar Blast! is based on clicking on those candies of the same color to turn them into a chocolate when there are 4 or more candies. These chocolates can also be fused with those nearby to create chains of chocolates that clear the board quickly.

Sugar Blast on Android

In fact, the first chocolate is able to remove several rows of candies, so if we gather several, we can eliminate almost the entire screen. Not only does the Sugar Blast! Gameplay stay here, but we will find different levels with several objectives.

We will have chains with a maximum of one color candies in certain, and that at the moment we reach that limit figure, the chain will break to drop all the candies and we only need chocolate eggs to touch the ground.

A "combine three" of the good

It is a mere example of the variety of levels that Sugar Blast has! That is, it does not remain simple, withoutor at least try to innovate a little so that we work a little more games. What surprises us that it is so easy in the first games, something that we hope will change in future updates.

Sugar Blast on Android

Although if we think we have more than 1,000 levels to play, we can understand the ease of passing one level after another in minutes. Rovio also has planned various limited time events for well animate the cotarro and we get hooked to some daily games of those casual ones that are cool.

This cooperative point with friends and other players is also included to have the feeling that we don't play alone. Something we also found in the KING games thanks to the connection of our Facebook account.

The refreshing of your games

And as, Sugar Blast! It is characterized by these animations and visual effects that get the games to be very dynamic. That is, we will look for ways to create chocolates of different levels to eliminate quantity of candies with these striking effects. It is important in a game of this type that a series of visual effects is present to make it addictive to combine candies.

Match colors

Technically it is a game that embroiders it, and that has its limitations for the gameplay itself. But the truth that throwing a game gives the feeling of agility and that with a little work we can do the level. The sounds are good and in general we are facing a good puzzle of KING candies. Do we miss Rovio bringing us an Angry Birds like the ones before? Yes, but it will be something that they have found here an interesting niche and that is working for them. We are not facing the first Rovio game of this kind.

Sugar Blast arrives eager to scratch part of the players that he treasures in his bosom KING with his Candy Crush. And it has all the ingredients to do it, so it will add to the list of this type of games that it already treasures and that will gradually achieve its goal. A refreshing and free title for casual games these days when clouds haunt us and that cold allows us to snuggle on the couch while the afternoon passes. You are already taking to live that feeling of casual and sofa.