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Start a new virtual life in the social to the "Sims" of Mini Life

Mini Life comes to Android in advance beta to become a very interesting entry to be a social world of avatars in which you can relate to others. A game with a great technical finish and that comes from a studio among which we can find veterans of the world of video games.

Devs de Tera, BOWMAX and PUBG meet in Mini Life to transform it into a game that looks like it's going to grab thousands of attention. Especially since it has that air to The Sims, but completely rooted in what is online and multiplayer and thus create an alter ego of ourselves to socialize.

?The Sims? totally online on your mobile with Mini Life

There are few games that have tried the honeys of bringing a parallel life to a computer in a world of avatars; even on PC a game called Second Life had its fame that could be perfectly the major version of this Mini Life.

Mini life

In Mini Life you will have to create your avatar to start to have your space and socialize with other players. You can customize your avatar, participate in dynamic chats, design your home and create that dream garden where you will spend good times with your friends online. Not only this, but there is much more in a game that has arrived in beta with a great state of form.


Mini Life wants you to be as social as possible with the possibility of meet new friends and chat there Where you are with your mobile. The truth is that this point is important, since one of the handicaps of other virtual games with an online community is that they always held the player on a laptop or PC. Here there is totally freedom so that with your mobile you can have that second life.

Design your dream home

In Mini Life you are granted the power to build your dream home. That is, you can design and decorate your room, your mansion and your garden whenever you want. You can choose from a variety of decorative elements such as curtains, chairs, tables and many others to have that space of your own in which to have a great time.

Mini Life on Android

From here comes the idea that you can have that intimate and private space that reflects your lifestyle. As advertised by KRAFTON from its page on Google Play. Not only does it stay in this, but they include the option of move to augmented reality, upload and share those photos taken and follow others to see what happens on a daily basis.

Interior store

Surely you will like to know how many accessories and clothes are waiting for you. Already in the beta have more than 3,000 objects to dress And bring your own style. Whether adorable, sexy or as strange as possible. A social game in which those powers are not lacking to connect with others and in a matter of days have a good space of their own with the ease that is to access it from anywhere with your mobile.

A social and virtual world in the palm of your hand

We are facing the first beta version of a game that promises a lot. The truth that surprises how well it is raised and how well everything moves. You will not notice no lag or lack of performance. And the truth is appreciated for a game that needs many players to start that second life journey.

Mini Life style