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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has a game break error (if the sequence is broken)

If you think about it, this is really your fault, and not the game, from a certain point of view.

The important thing of doing a Metroidvania The style game is that you have to block the progression with elements and skills. And, assuming that it allows players to break the sequence (as all the great Metroidvania games should do), you must ensure that this violation of the intended order does not end up leaving players in an impossible-to-win scenario.

Unfortunately, it seems that that is exactly what happens in the excellent Jedi Star Wars: Fallen Order. Without getting into spoilers too much, if you choose to enter Dathomir at the beginning of the game, you will discover that much of the area is inaccessible to you, because you don't have the powers you need to navigate most of the game. All right, fair enough. However, one of those inaccessible areas seems to be an abyss, which cannot be crossed with a double jump.

That is supposed to be his signal to give up and come back when he has something that overcomes him, but if he is stubborn and stubborn, he can reach the other side. And once you do, well … you've read the headline. You get stuck.

Look, you are in a new area, which requires even more Force powers to navigate. You cannot return, because this follows a script that places you firmly in this new location. If by chance you sat at a point of meditation after making that jump, you're officially screwed. You are stuck. You can't go anywhere and you can't even save it again now.

The problem was identified and informed by Kotaku, and fortunately, EA has already assured them that it is something they are working on to solve it. What is good. But until that happens, you may stay away from Dathomir until you have the necessary powers of force to get through it, yes?