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Specific stores will open to sell Google Glass


Rumor: specific stores will open to sell Google Glass

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May 11, 2013

Google Glass setting

A rumor from Business Insider relapses into the idea that Google will open its own stores in the near future, although, this time it is not said that it will be to sell the products of the Nexus range of smartphones and tablets. This time you bet because these stores were dedicated exclusively to the sale of Google Glass.

Google glasses do not look like something that can be purchased online for two powerful reasons. One, will be expensive. They will be worth an amount of money perhaps too high for an online purchase. Two, its use requires an important explanation.

To these two reasons we must add that it is expected that when they go out to the public there are more customization options and being a device that we wear and that must be adapted to our body needs a slight adjustment. We know this all those who wear glasses. The Business Insider confidant points out this function of fit as the most important.

With such a complex product that has a very long line of learning, it is more than reasonable that it requires selling in physical stores with trained personnel.

Google Glass settingSo far Google has only had a similar experience in small areas delimited within large technology stores where it showed and explained its Chromebooks and the Chrome OS operating system. He started in California with a stand at the Universities and then went to the aforementioned stores in London. The work of the employees who worked there was not sales, but the pedagogy of the product to procure subsequent sales.

In the case of Google Glass, consumers may have seen enough to be curious about the product. However, beyond technology fans, the average citizen will really want to try the device before making a disbursement that will be around $ 1,500. Even if the price fell significantly, it would not be a cheap product in quite some time and those stores would make sense initially.

They are only rumors but they tell us about the expectation that Google Glass raises along with the same degree of misunderstanding.

Source: Business Insider