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Samsung's voice assistant is updated

One of the biggest bets that big tech giants are making is focused on voice assistants. Amazon, Google, Microsoft or Apple develop their own strategies creating not only improvements in their products but also devices that use them.

Samsung is doing the opposite way since it has a huge base of products, especially mobiles, that use Bixby, its proposal in this area. The problem is that it is not yet widely used and partly because Bixby Voice, the part of this software that is controlled by voice, was only available in English and Korean. Until today.

Samsung has started updating Bixby, for now in beta, with the integration of new languages ??such as Italian or French. And yes, also Spanish.

For now in the Galaxy Note 9

In this first phase of its distribution, Bixby will be activated through an update on the company's latest flagship, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Although in some foreign media there is talk of the existence of the beta for the S9 as well, we confirm that in Spanish only It is available for Note 9.

Bibxy already speaks Spanish: Samsung's voice assistant is updated

To configure the wizard we must say «Hi Bixby» several times, as we do with Google or Amazon assistants. Once this is done we can invoke it by pressing on your application, with the voice command or by pressing on the left button of the new Samsung phones, which are used exclusively to launch Bixby.

There are currently dozens of services that have been integrated into Bixby, but even more will eventually arrive. At the moment what are not available are third-party apps since the announcement of the APIs of this system is very recent.

We can choose between a man's voice (David) and a woman's voice (Sandra), as well as set our preferences to launch Bixby in the ways we have mentioned before.

At the moment it is not known if it will arrive in beta phase to more Samsung smartphones or if users of this brand should wait for the stable version to be announced to know which devices of the manufacturer are compatible.