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Rugged large phablets that enter the Max family. As is W9


Rugged large phablets that enter the Max family. As is W9

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August 24, 2017

phablets rugged w9

Rugged phablets have been appearing slowly but steadily in recent times. Although the offer of this type of devices is still low compared to other formats, and although they are aimed at very specific audiences, the truth is that resistant media is attracting the attention of many users who want durable models and who endure better more extreme environmental conditions.

The emergence of this niche market with much to offer yet, is attractive to modest companies that are launched to create models such as the W9, of which we will tell you more later. However, the main claim of this terminal would not only be its ability to absorb dust or water, but also the fact that it has a large screen that, at the same time, makes it a full member of the family Max.


In this sense, the W9 does not differ much from others of its kind: Housing that mixes the metal with the plastic hardened, with a rough texture in which the different screws that assemble the device and close it as much as possible are revealed. This has helped him achieve certification IP 68. One of the most characteristic features of resistant terminals is that their weight is higher compared to other models. In this case it reaches 260 grams. It is available in orange and black.

w9 front

Phablets rugged with the latest image

Another of the most striking aspects of this support is its diagonal, which reaches the 6 inches. She is accompanied by a resolution of 1920 × 1200 pixels. The cameras, 8 Mpx in the case of the rear, and 5 in the front, are not the most advanced, but they do add functions already known as the flash or autofocus. In the field of performance we find more adjusted benefits at low cost: Processor that reaches maximums of 1.3 Ghz, 2 GB RAM and initial storage capacity of 16 expandable to 32. The operating system is Lollipop.

Availability and price

In the case of rugged phablets as well as other platforms focused on land such as industry, the best way to find them goes through online shopping portals, either from the manufacturers themselves or from intermediaries. The cost of W9 is 212 euros, right on the border between the input range and the lowest of the average. Do you think it is possible to find robust models that do not sacrifice price and can focus on larger groups of consumers? We leave information about others in this category so you can learn more about the existing offer today.