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RED cancels its mobile with holographic display and does not launch a second version

RED Hydrogen

Photo: Mashable

RED is an American manufacturer of video cameras used primarily by professionals. Last year he made his first foray into the world of telephony with RED Hydrogen One, a terminal that received a large number of reviews by the press, since it never came to offer what it promised (Mashable considered it one of the worst technological products of 2018).

A few months ago, he announced that he was working on the second version of the Hydrogen One, a smartphone that the company claimed this time yes that would offer what the company really wanted. However, it seems that from RED they have not been able to ensure a quality product good enough to manufacture it in series and has canceled the project.

RED Hydrogen

Photo: Mashable

The first generation of the Hydrogen One reached the market last year, at this point with a old processor and a holographic screen that in the end did not offer the result that the company had promised, being a failure. According to the company, the terminal problems were caused by the Asian partners that it selected to manufacture the device.

The middle range is the best selling

RED is not the first, nor does it seem that it will be the last, which tries to enter the lucrative world of telephony by launching a high-end terminal to the market, a market that has been depleting for more than a year and where The middle range is the one that is really triumphing.

A good example that the mid-range is the current queen of the world of telephony, we find it in Samsung's A range, a range that currently has a 5 of its models among the 10 best selling terminalss, both in Europe and in the United States. This range has managed to stand up to the large number of Asian manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Huawi … that were taking over the market in recent years.

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