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Realme 5, a worthy "little brother" with 4 cameras and 5,000 mAh battery

In the input range there are many devices and it is somewhat complex to assess the different options because the prices are really similar. Therefore, today we will talk about Really 5 from which we bring your review.

The low range historically on Android was intended for very demanding users who did not perform advanced tasks such as running games, but in recent years all terminals have evolved at a giant pace.

From what we will see if the Realme 5 is usable or not, a terminal belonging to the low range by price, but not so much if we look at details like its processor Snapdragon 665 or the striking cudruple rear camera.

We already thoroughly tested the Realme 5 Pro a few weeks ago, the older brother of this terminal, but today we will see if there really is a big difference between them.

Realme is a firm that comes stomping with a attractive value for money, but let's see if this terminal manages to get a good position in the low range.

Design and construction

Image - Review: Realme 5, a worthy

The design of Realme 5 is very similar to the one we found in the Pro version. It has a rear of rectangular shapes that change hue depending on the incidence of light.

The design is one of the most careful sections of the terminal and is quite striking. Made in plastic and aluminum, has a good construction offering a solid and robust feeling.

On the front of Realme 5 we find some pretty hurried frames and a drop-type notch, which houses the front camera and, at the top, the speaker to answer calls.

Image - Review: Realme 5, a worthy

In the right song we can observe the on, lock and off button Of the device.

Image - Review: Realme 5, a worthy

At the bottom of the terminal is the Micro USB, the connector 3.5mm jack, two microphones (to answer calls or record video) and a multimedia speaker.

Image - Review: Realme 5, a worthy