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Pokmon Masters exceeds 10 million downloads in a week

Pokémon Masters launch

Pokémon Masters is the most recent game based on the popular saga in launching for Android phones. It is one of the most anticipated games of the year, which we are talking about already on the occasion of its launch. After a week already available for Google's operating system phones, we can see that the game is a success in downloads.

This game puts coaches as central characters. It is a bet that has generated interest among users on Android. At least this is what can be deduced thanks to the amount of downloads of Pokémon Masters in this first week of life.

In just one week in the market, Pokémon Masters now exceeds ten million downloads on Android So it can be considered that the game is a success and has a positive reception among users. Since this number of downloads is something available to very few today.

Pokemon Masters

For Nintendo it's good news, which sees how their Android games continue to reap success. The popular studio launches more and more games for mobile phones, with good results so far, seeing the good numbers of downloads that are being taken.

In addition, it also shows that a saga like Pokémon, this time from the hand of Pokémon Masters, continues to generate a lot of interest among users in the market. Otherwise, it is not possible to obtain a number of downloads like this in its first week in the current market, with the competition that exists.

Therefore, if you want a game that maintains elements of the saga, but in which coaches are the main protagonists, then Pokémon Masters is a good option to take into account, which you will surely like very much. At the moment it has begun its journey in the market with good footing, as you can see.

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