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Phablets Max. To what extent can large models grow?


Phablets Max. To what extent can large models grow?

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August 21, 2017

big phablets m3 max white

The phablets max have come to stay. A few weeks ago we told you how in the last 10 years, the average size of smartphone screens has been growing gradually. To conventional mobiles, another family of terminals of more than 5.5 inches was added that were configured as supports with their own identity and characteristics.

However, this does not end here, since for more than a year, we have witnessed the birth of another generation that was characterized by trying to break the boundaries between formats and that in many cases, exceeded 6 inches. Next we will try to see if the larger devices can have a future or on the contrary, it will be something circumstantial in what the public, or in this case, the users, will have much to decide.

Large screens with better experiences

A few days ago we told you that one of the keys to the success of phablets max comes from the fact that larger panels offer a better experience when it comes to enjoying the audiovisual content. To this is added another fundamental characteristic: The possibility of storing them in smaller spaces than their brothers older than 7 inches.

phablets max xiaomi housing

Unstoppable Advances

To the appearance of greater diagonals something is added in what some firms are already experiencing: The incorporation of second panels smaller in the back covers. What can be your future if we consider that 6-inch devices still have a lot of work to do? Will other factors such as the hypothetical incorporation of triple lenses influence?

Phablets Max and tablets. Borders that still persist

Although at first glance, it may seem that the boundaries between these two formats have been gradually erased, the truth is that we still found a series of differences between the two that do not seem to lead to a convergence between the two, at least for now. The more compact tablets They are still an option to consider and in this case, it is possible to find much more affordable terminals than larger smartphones. On the other hand, a rapid incorporation of news in terms of image and performance in phablets, it can result in a confusing situation in which we find terminals whose purpose is not entirely clear and which, in addition, can be expensive.

What do you think the path of the supports can be between 6 and 7 inches? Will they end up consolidating or for a while, consumers will prefer those around 5.5? We leave you available similar information such as, for example, the current course of the largest so you can give your opinion.