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New Pokmon game on Android, this time aimed at young children

Pokémon is not only in the form of a game based on augmented reality or as a battle title, now a title for the little ones lands on Android: House of Pokémon games.

He Equinox festival It's in full swing in our favorite Pokémon capture game. You know: you can get more Stardust, 2km eggs and up to triple the experience if you now enter Pokémon Go. And do not believe that it is the only game starring these creatures, which in Android we already have 6. Well, 7 with the last.

Just landed on our touch screens to entertain the smallest children in the house. Surely they appreciate hunting Pokémon in their natural habitat, but Pokémon game house is more suitable for ages ranging from 3 to 5 years. As you can imagine, the game has a simple theme and is based on learning.

2D style for a narrated and educational game

Pokémon returns to Android with a special game for young children

Pokémon game house It has different rooms with mini-games with various options available: from playing with puzzles to exploration experiences in which to get new Pokémon. As they are added to the list you will have different "Pokémon Friends"; what we will have to take care and feed in the purest Pou style.

The game is extremely simple and with an interface in the same line. The training girl will be in charge of telling the whole game: from how each Pokémon friend is to the instructions in the room where you go to touch the screen.

Pokémon returns to Android with a special game for young children

As in all educational games, the rhythm is slow and has all the necessary elements to encourage learning while children have fun touching the screen. As icing, Pokémon game house It lacks advertising, is free and has no purchases within the application. Completely suitable for children over 3 years old.