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Motorola RAZR vs Samsung Galaxy Fold: comparative design, hardware

The American manufacturer surprised us with his Motorola Razr. Yes, the firm owned by Lenovo has surprised us with its first folding phone, a device that has left us with a very good taste during our first impressions. But, considering that the Samsung Galaxy Fold is another excellent option to consider, which model is better?

We talk about two terminals with a totally different design. Yes, in this comparison of the Motorola Razr and the Samsung Galaxy Fold It is clear that we have two very different concepts. In the case of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, we are facing a device whose appearance resembles that of a book, while the Motorola folding screen terminal bets on a vertical format.

And this, what does it mean? Well, the Samsung Galaxy Fold screen It is noticeably larger. Meanwhile, the Motorola Razr is committed to a panel with a traditional size, but getting more measured dimensions. Which format is better? Well, it is very difficult to choose. More than anything because Samsung's foldable phone manages to offer a superior multimedia size, while the American firm's solution achieves a more natural result.

Motorola Razr vs Samsung Galaxy Fold: main differences

Continuing with the main differences between the Motorola Razr and the Samsung Galaxy Fold, say that the first model with folding screen of the American giant has some tempered glass finishes, getting an attractive appearance, although at the back it is made of polycarbonate.

samsung Galaxy Fold from behind

Of course, the Samsung Galaxy Fold is committed to a body made entirely of tempered glass, getting a more premium feeling. The same goes for the situation of the fingerprint reader. That is, in this section, we have to say that both models look really good, so we recommend you choose the phone with folding screen that you like.

Motorola Razr screen

When talking about hardware, we found palpable differences between the Motorola Razr and the Samsung Galaxy Fold. More than anything because the first model has high mid-range features, while the Korean manufacturer's phone is a top of the range. Yes, Motorola's Razr bets on a processor Snapdragon 710 jalong with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage and 2,500 mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy Fold screen

In the case of the Samsung Galaxy Fold bet on the SoC Snapdragon 855, 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of internal storage, in addition to a massive 4,380 mAh battery with fast charging, and yes, the Galaxy Fold also has wireless charging and reversible wireless charging. You just have to take a look at both combinations to make it clear that it is noticeably superior.

Motorola Razr screen

We have another totally differentiating element in the multimedia section. The Motorola Razr screen consists of a 6.3-inch panel Dynamic OLED, in addition to a second 2.7-inch OLED panel. Instead, the Samsung Galaxy Fold bets on a diagonal of 7.3 inches with the same Dynamic AMOLED technology with HDR10 support, in addition to a second 4.6-inch panel and Super AMOLED technology.

And what about the photographic section? Well, they are also completely different. The Motorola Razr camera has a 16 megapixel main sensor with 1.7 focal aperture, in addition to a second 5 megapixel sensor. That s, seeing the set of lenses of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, it is clear who is the king in the market of folding phones.