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lists of local and global successes

The mania of Google to unfold and duplicate its services has brought us to a kind of mess when listening to music on Android. Single Youtube, a music subscription with Google Play Music, best Youtube music or an all in one with YouTube Premium? Difficult to decide, although Google sure does not take long to unify everything in one app. At least now we can see the charts on YouTube Music …

With such subscription to Youtube music not only do you have millions of songs at your fingertips, also your music videos without advertising and, bouncing, Google Play Music. The app has evolved from the initial simplicity and, after the last update, now integrates something so basic that it surprises that it was not before: the charts.

Most heard in songs and music videos, both for your country and for the whole world

New to YouTube Music: local and global charts

The charts or charts are basic in music streaming services since it is always a good idea to know what is heard mostly to discover new songs that match our tastes; even if the majority is not necessarily the best, we already know that quality is not always found in the most commercial compositions.

The new section of big hits appears already in the application of Youtube music, also in the web service. This update is done from the server side, so you don't have to do anything: once you open YouTube Music you will find the novelty. The lists can be saved as favorites and also downloaded to listen to music offline, just like the rest of the songs.

New to YouTube Music: local and global charts

The lists are divided into five different categories:

  • Top 100 most popular songs in Spain (or country in which you are).
  • Top 100 most popular music videos in Spain.
  • Top 20 trends in Spain.
  • The 100 most popular songs worldwide.
  • The 100 most popular music videos worldwide.

To access Youtube music You need a monthly subscription that costs 9.99 euros (11.99 if you choose YouTube Premium). The first month is free, so you can try the musical service without obligation.