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Internet problems Redmi Note 7: how to fix them

Redmi Note 7 ahead

It is a fact that the separation of Xiaomi and Redmi, has suited the company very well. The Redmi Note 7 is being a true sales success, managing to exceed 20 million units sold in record time. Something logical, considering that, in terms of value for money, it was unrivaled in the market. But, there are a few users who have reported Internet problems with the Redmi Note 7.

Yes, one of the best selling phones of 2019 has a terrible problem. Due to its low price and more than enough features for the vast majority of users, this model is one of the best sellers on Amazon. In addition to easily find bargains with different operators. But, it has the occasional fault. The most annoying? The Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 problems with mobile data.

Redmi Note 7 Features

How to troubleshoot the Internet problems of Redmi Note 7

A very annoying fault but that, luckily, has an easy solution. And no, it is not always connecting to a WiFi network, but solving the Internet problem detected in the Redmi Note 7. To begin, let's see what is the basis of the problem. Do you have a SIM card that uses an Orange network? Well there you have it.

Yes, for whatever reason, this cheap Xiaomi phone has problems with the mobile data offered by Orange. In this way, if you use any operator that uses the Orange network (the same Orange, Suop, Mobile Republic, MásMóvil, Simyo, Amena, Yoigo, Mundo R or Jazztel) there comes the fault.

To solve this, you should make a change in the operator settings in the menu "SIM Cards and Mobile Networks". The process is fairly simple. The first thing to do is go to the Settings and look for this option. Within the menu, you must click on the SIM card that you are using and that has Problems connecting to the Internet on Redmi Note 7. The next step will be to click on APN (Access Point Names) and look for APN configuration.

Then, go down to OMV Type and select IMSI or SPN in case the first option does not work. Finally, click on the options menu at the top (the characteristic three dots) and save. Most likely, you have already fixed this bug, but restart to use the Internet in Redmi Note 7 on a regular basis. Easier impossible!

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