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Instagram prohibits apps that allow you to view private profiles

Instagram security

It is not the first time that the privacy of Instagram users has been compromised by the use of third-party applications. After Instagram announced that it would eliminate the ?Following? tab from the social network, multiple apps have emerged that promise to see the activity of your followers. A few weeks ago Instagram has banned the Like Patrol app for using private user data without their consent. Luckily for Android users this application It was only available for iOS.

Then Ghosty appeared, an application that allows you to view private Instagram profiles in exchange for your access credentials. The software was available since April of this year and accumulated more than 500 thousand downloads on Google Play, until Instagram decided to take actions against it.

How did Ghosty have access to private account information?

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To be able to view private Instagram profiles you must invite at least one friend and he had to enter his account so that the app would allow you access to private accounts. Every time someone signed up for the app, it went collecting the information of all private profiles that follow the accounts registered in the application. In this way, this was how you get access to thousands of private accounts, forming a large database network that was increasing rapidly.

In addition, the application had a trial mode, where you can see a unique private profile without having to log in. It also allows users to extend the limit of the number of accounts they can see through a subscription.

Facebook and Google have decided to take action on the matter

Instagram released a statement a few days ago informing that this application violated its terms of use and that the creators of it must cease immediately with their activities. On the other hand, Facebook decided to send a letter informing that they are investigating the developers of the app. After the statements of Instagram and Facebook, the application was unsubscribed from Google Play. However, it is still unclear whether Ghosty was removed by Google or by the owners themselves.

With all this, we hope that this situation will serve Instagram so you can strengthen your security with respect to privacy. Thus, offering a better service and experience to all its users.

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