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Huawei may reach 270 million phones sold in 2019

Chinese manufacturer Huawei

Despite the US blockade, Huawei is having a good year in terms of sales. A couple of weeks ago there was already data confirming it and this week it was revealed that the brand had already reached sales last year. So in 2019 they will beat their sales record. The question is how much they will sell.

The founder of Huawei has spoken how much do you think or expect to sell this year. Forecasts that exceed those of many analysts, but that would make clear the strength of the Chinese brand in the market. Since they continue breaking records for a couple of months to end the year.

According to the founder of the company, he expects the Huawei sales in 2019 close at 270 million units. Analysts had been talking about 250 million units for months. So the founder hopes that even the most optimistic analyzes will be overcome. It would not be unusual for this to happen.

Huawei Nova 5

If these sales are achieved, the Chinese manufacturer would be very close to Samsung, which continues to hold the first position. Although the distance between the two companies is getting smaller. In fact, the Chinese brand estimates that they would be leaders in 2021 worldwide.

The doubt ands if the blockade of the United States to Huawei will remain in the coming months Since it is still something that can clearly influence the sales of the company. Especially if they cannot use Google services and applications on their phones. This is the big problem they face.

There are several important phones of the brand They have to get to the stores before the end of the year. On the one hand the Huawei Mate X, which was launched in China this week and the range of the Mate 30, which are called to be the best selling models in their segments. If they are launched in Europe before the end of the year, it is likely that the brand will reach this sales figure.

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