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Huawei Mate X does not like anything cold

Huawei Mate X

That the folding screens are more delicate than a normal smartphone screen is not a novelty, but we no longer talk only of bumps or dirt that seeps under the display, it also seems that they can be affected by weather conditions.

The Huawei Mate X is not made for cold climates

As you know, the Galaxy Fold advises its users to treat their screen with care, but it is not the only one. He Huawei Mate X It was recently launched in China and there are already some who have done with a unit. These users, when they open the box where their new device comes, they are encountering a series of warnings. Among these you can read that they are advised do not fold the screen in situations where the temperature drops below -5.

Huawei Mate X

This may not be a big problem in temperate countries like Spain, but in many countries a winter temperature of -5 is not unusual, so this warning can be an indication for those who live in those countries that their purchase needs to be reconsidered. .

From Gizmochina, where they have echoed this news, they consider the possibility thatThese temperatures alter the elastic properties of the screen, and that this can cause problems when bending. It is clear that most materials are more flexible with high temperatures than at low temperatures, so this explanation has all the ballots being the correct answer, at least until Huawei says otherwise.

What do you think of this new limitation? Do you think it can affect the sales of this device?

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