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How to run multiple instances of Google Drive on Windows

Google Drive is one of the most important cloud storage platforms today, but it is also much more than a basic cyberlocker platform, as it comes with the complete set of Google Docs: a collection of collaborative productivity software based on the cloud that includes a word processor called Docs, a spreadsheet application called Sheets, a presentation program called Slides, a graphics editor called Drawings and a form designer called, well, Forms.

While you can access Google Drive on the web through your browser, the search giant also offers applications on all major platforms, including desktop Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. However, although working with several Google Drive accounts in your browser is a fairly simple process, Google, for some reason, has not yet enabled the feature in your Windows application. That being the case, the only solution to the problem is to close session in one before starting session in another. However, it is uncomfortable and time consuming, so we have decided to tell you exactly How to run multiple instances of Google Drive on Windows:

Running multiple instances of Google Drive on Windows:

There are several different ways to run multiple Google Drive accounts on a computer. For the purposes of this article, we use a third-party Google Drive client called 'Insync' that is available on Windows, macOS and Linux. The following instructions are for Windows PCs, but the process should be quite similar on all the platforms mentioned above.

  • First, make sure that You don't have the Google Drive app installed on your PC If so, you must first uninstall it to make sure everything works as planned. Once you've made sure you don't have the Google Drive client installed on your device, download and install Insync, a third-party desktop client for Google Drive that comes with a trial version of 15 days with all functions. After completing the trial period, you will have to decide if the software is worth a one-time payment of $ 29.99 for a lifetime license.
  • Now that Insync is installed on your computer, run the program and start session with one of your Google accounts . Take it to the Google website for the authentication of your account and you must grant Insync the necessary permissions to access and manage your files.
  • Once you are done with all that, synchronization begin immediately, since automatic synchronization is enabled by default. To control the synchronization schedule or any other function, click on the Insync taskbar icon As seen in the image below.
  • Instead of a full window, you will get a pop-up window that allows you to control most aspects of the program, including synchronization programming. If you do not want to synchronize all the files in the cloud or if you want manual control, you can always pause the loads by pressing the small 'Pause' button in the lower left corner of the notification pop-up window as seen in the image below Insync will no longer load more files in the cloud until you restart the process manually.
  • To add more Google accounts to Insync, just hover the mouse pointer over the small "+" sign in the upper left corner of the GUI window, and you will get a lot of options as seen in the image below.
  • Click on the "Add Google Account" option and proceed to enter the details of your second Google Drive credentials. The process will be identical to the first time, so be taken back to the Google website, where you will have to enter your username and password, after which, you will be asked to give Insync the permission to administer and Access your files.
  • That is basically! Once Google authenticates your second account, you will have two instances of Google Drive running on your PC. Can do click on "Manage" to manage your account, or in the previous avatars to switch between accounts . Simply repeat the process as many times as you wish to add more Google Drive accounts to your PC, all of which will run simultaneously, and will only require you to click on your avatar to switch from one account to another.

May add even more Google Drive accounts to Insync from This way, and as you can see in the image above, I added four accounts that belong to me and some of my colleagues, and our files were copied to the cloud from each account in the same way. expected. The whole process was uninterrupted, and none of us had to close session to accommodate the other, which in principle was the objective of this exercise.

Other third-party clients to run multiple Google Drive accounts on their PC

While Insync is a robust solution to run multiple Google Drive accounts on your PC, it is not the only option. You can also run a program called Odrive It comes with quite a few bells and whistles, in addition to what Insync offers. For example, offers encryption and a command line interface, none of which can be found in Insync. However, from the point of view of the consumer, one of the best features of Odrive is its support for a lot of cloud storage servicessuch as Amazon Cloud Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, 4shared, YandexDisk and much more.

However, Odrive comes with a trial version of only 7 days and costs $ 100 per year for general use, although there is a free version that comes with many of the basic features that comes with the Pro version and is automatically activated once That returns to the seven-day test. Nor does it have a GUI of the that talk, and it works from a popup window of the taskbar that is not very easy to use, but does the job.

You can also use a program called Syncdocs to run multiple instances of Google Drive on your computer. It comes with a GUI unlike Odrive, and also allows you to share multimedia files with Facebook, Twitter and Gmail through the right-click option in the Windows Explorer.

Syncdocs comes with a full 14-day trial for the premium version, which costs $ 19.95 thereafter. Recent versions of the program also include the function of drag and drop, which facilitates the upload or download of files. It does not have as many functions as Odrive, but it is relatively easier to use and is also much less expensive. While Syncdocs has a free version, it only supports the transfer of up to 10,000 files, so remember that if you choose to use it frequently.

Use multiple Google Drive accounts simultaneously on your computer

While the official Google Drive desktop client does not support running multiple accounts simultaneously on the same device, you can use any of the programs mentioned above to do so on your PC. However, you should remember that the best features of these programs are only available in their paid versions, although the free versions will also allow you to run multiple instances of Google Drive on your device, if that is the most important thing you have. I am looking for a third-party Google Drive client.