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How to find the lyrics of the songs that are playing

Listening to music with your mobile is one of the usual tasks for many of us. Either with the files in the phone storage or using the streaming services: hundreds of hours of music fit on a smartphone. Now, how to download the lyrics of all those songs?

Usually not all services offer the lyrics of the songs, something that should be basic. In Youtube you can find songs with the lyrics; and services like Apple Music or Google Play Music They also have that built-in option. Of course, neither Spotify neither your MP3 own the lyrics, hence it is good to have an app that solves the problem of a stroke.

Do you want to have access to what the songs say regardless of the music application you are solving? We have the solution: 1lyrics. In addition, we will teach you to locate in seconds the lyrics of a song that is not ringing on your phone.

1lyrics, access the lyrics of the songs that are playing on your mobile

How to find the lyrics of the songs that are playing

This application has no mystery since it does just what you expect: it stays in the background for identify each song that sounds and automatically look for the lyrics. It is a true wonder that is worth having installed. In addition, it has no ads and offers all the functions without the app costing a penny. Yes you can collaborate with the developer, which never hurts.

Once installed 1lyrics you must give permission to access notifications (in order to identify the music) and also the overlay on other apps (to show the lyrics of the songs). The application is completely safe, you should not worry.

How to find the lyrics of the songs that are playing

Any song that sounds will be identified by 1lyrics Showing a notice in the notification bar. Simply press on this warning so that the song lyrics overlap on the player you are using. Spotify, Deezer, YouTube Music, your MP3 player? If the song has the ID3 data correctly entered 1lyrics You will find the lyrics.

1lyrics It is an excellent application that saves many more options. For example, the lyrics of the songs remain offline so you can access them even offline. It also has a history with everything you heard and their respective lyrics. You will not regret it if you try it.

How to find the lyrics of a song that does not sound on your mobile?

How to find the lyrics of the songs that are playing

Imagine that a song you want to sing is playing and you don't know the lyrics. It sounds on another mobile or speakers, so 1lyrics it's not useful. Well, do the following:

  • Opens Google Assistant with «Ok, Google» or holding down the Home button.
  • Click on «What song is this?«.
  • Wait for Assistant to recognize the attention. It will be a few seconds.
  • You will see that the assistant offers you different ways to listen to the song, also to read the «Full lyrics on Google Play«. Click there.
  • Google Play Music will open the lyrics of the song and you can read it comfortably from there.