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How to clean the cell phone screen so that it is always shiny

Manufacturers are increasingly overcome with the design of mobile phones, thanks to bright and reflective finishes very attractive. However, so much beauty ends up overshadowed on the day: they are like magnets for fingerprints. Every time you put your fingers there, it is filled with stains that force you to be constantly erasing them with your shirt. This is not the right way to get rid of them, there are more effective ways. We show you how to clean the cell phone screen to keep it looking shiny, just like the day you bought it.

With a microfiber cloth

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The easiest way to clean your device's screen is with a microfiber cloth. Unlike paper towels, microfiber cloths gently clean the sensitive glass of your cell phone or tablet without risking scratching. Microfiber attracts and eliminates unwanted oils and dust, where other products can simply spread them.

We recommend stocking you with many cloths, as they work wonders to literally clean and polish any surface (lenses, PC screens, televisions, etc.). Some products, such as glasses, come with a microfiber cloth, so you probably have one in your possession.

To clean the screen, turn it on as this allows you to better see dirt and stains. It is also mandatory if water is used. Move the cloth in the horizontal or vertical direction repeatedly. Once you finish an area of ??the screen, move on to the next dirty area and continue cleaning until the surface is completely clean.

For devices with more dirt or those that require more than a microfiber cloth, consider using a minimum amount of water. First, turn off your phone and remove the battery (if possible). Next, moisten a corner of the cloth with water (do not use soap of any kind while doing so) and clean the screen surface similarly to the method described above. Once this is done, use a dry part of the cloth to remove the water (you can also let the screen air dry).

In addition, we recommend that you keep the microfiber cloth clean to avoid spreading dust and dirt that has already been collected on the screen. To clean the cloth, simply immerse it in a mixture of warm water and soap, rinse it thoroughly and air it before using it again.


Scotch tape

When you need to clean your screen quickly, a strip of masking tape (or other type of masking tape) can work wonders. You just have to stick the tape to the surface of the screen and peel it off to remove any unwanted dirt. Then repeat the previous step as many times as necessary to clean the entire screen.


Cleaning kits

how to clean the cell phone screen

If the microfiber cloths and the tape alone are not enough, then you can look for a stronger option. All-in-one cleaning kits come with everything you need to keep your phone reasonably clean, and even give you some tools that can help you keep it clean while you travel. This Tech Armor kit does just that, including our old friend the microfiber cloth, two sprays of cleaning solution in different sizes (one for home and one for carrying) and a set of 20 double resistance cleaning wipes. Tech Armor states that the cleaning solution is completely free of alcohol and ammonia, so it should not damage your screen during use.


Liquid screen protector and cleaner

how to clean the sharkproof lcd 720x720 cell phone screen

Over the years, we have seen some liquid solutions that are designed to clean and protect the screens. Shark Proof is an example of this and is applied on your screen in a few simple steps. You can consider it as a liquid glass protector for your cell phone or tablet. The good thing about this nanocoating solution is that, once applied, it hardens and can repel both liquids and fingerprints. Shark Proof is scratch resistant and is also antimicrobial. The company guarantees that this coating protects your device from scratches and germs for a maximum of two years. It is also safe to use it in fingerprint scanners, as well as in the iris scanner of the Galaxy S8.


Ultraviolet light

If you are looking to disinfect your phone, water will only do so to a certain extent. Alcohol-based cleaners can damage your phone, but UV lamps can do this job when necessary. The PhoneSoap UV charger, for example, can clean your phone in a hearth using UV light.