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Google Stadia has stability issues when using Chromecast Ultra

It seems that problems do not stop appearing on the cloud-based gaming platform Google Stadia. An example is that it has just been known that the use combined with the media player Chromecast Ultra it does not offer the most adequate stability and, therefore, there are problems in the long sessions of use. We show exactly what happens.

Several users who have the Founders Edition packs of the Mountain View company, and in which the mentioned Google player is included, are having problems when playing continuously because, unexpectedly and completely randomly, the accessory that connects to the Smart TV we are talking about stops. And, this is not due to support problems of the resolution or failures with the software according to those involved.

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The reason why this failure occurs is due to the heat generated in the Chromecast Ultra when used in combination with Google Stadia. The vast majority of the problems that have been reported is that once the two hours go by, the temperature that reaches the player is excessively high -and that this particular model is not known for being precisely the one that best dissipates from all what the American firm offers- and, therefore, the result is that its operation it stops and, therefore, the game cannot continue.

Chromecast Ultra player with white background

A new bug detected associated with Google Stadia

The truth is that there are few problems that are known with the arrival of the service of games in the cloud of Google, some more important than others. An example is that, apart from offering a limited catalog of games at the moment, there is a clear loss of quality in some developments faced with the versions is console. There is even critics for command There are some options that do not have a great utility (an example is with the Google assistant).

The fact is that now it has been known that when combining Google Stadia with Chromecast Ultra, the pair does not offer the best possible user experience (lake that should be like this), since the player does not support intensive use for a long time since the temperature causes it to shut down and restart. And, of course, this is something that the Mountain View company should have reviewed before doing anything. And, in addition, there are few solutions that exist apart from lowering the quality and resolution, something that will impact on what users see – and, sure, this is not exactly to the liking of the firm.

Google Stadia logo with remote

The truth is that the idea from Google Stadia is really good, but it seems that it is not optimized for now. Therefore, we must expect improvements that should not take long, as companies like Microsoft or Amazon itself intends to to compete in the same market segment.