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Global Invasion is augmented reality less original

Men in Black: Global Invasion is the bet of the MIB franchise with augmented reality and that reaches mobile devices to copy what has been Pokémon GO, or the recently launched on the market based on the Howarts universe.

Here we are in them, although with the option to choose augmented reality with the camera of our mobile. That is, at all times we can go from using it and go directly to a fund that is changing according to the location.

A very basic augmented reality experience

It is very clear that there are many companies that have taken this mobile in simply copying what has worked or works. Take Pokémon GO as an example, one that earns more on Android than on iOS, and gives a color change with the skewer that is Men in Black. What they may not understand is that it takes more than an action movie to attract thousands; And if not, tell them the latest Harry Potter.

Men in Black: Global Invasion

Starting off of the basics of the approach and which focuses directly on killing aliens to make a collection of its own, the fight is governed by pressing the fire button when our sight approaches the target. According to our ability to press the button at the right time, we will take more or less life.

So that we can exert greater damage on the shot, we have the possibility to change weapons from the store. And it is here where the freemium comes in to obtain more quickly articles with which we will improve the ones we have. That is, the famous loot boxes in all their essence.

Loot boxes disguised as black in MIB

In fact, in the first game they will teach us as from the store we can get a weapon that puts more damage and with which we can kill an alien that escapes us at the first exchange. Come on, they are teaching you that if you have pasta, you can evolve much faster.

Men in Black: Global Invasion

In total you can collect some more than 40 aliens of the universe of this franchise and with each one with their own special abilities. Another clear example of how original they are when setting the same basis as the other two Niantic Games games.

The combat goes through the same to be in turns and in those of us who will have our alien firing with his weapon from other worlds. So practically, if you've played the Niantic ones, you'll be facing them. Yes, also the streets of your neighborhood and expect you to move.

Expanding the zone

The funny thing about this case is that the radius to fight the aliens is much greater than other augmented reality games. That is to say, that you will not need to move so much, so if you are lazy and it is not cool to be walking all day, it may be your game. It may seem silly, but you know that in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite you could merely find one or two monsters in the game radius.

Men in Black: Global Invasion

Technically it's okay, but without much bragging. They have worked hard enough to fulfill the contract and release the goose paste that company that gave them the opportunity to make another game of augmented reality. We can highlight almost nothing, since the norm of this game is that it meets well in all its elements. And this is perhaps what makes it boring and flat.

Men in Black: Global Invasion arrives to try to get on the high-speed train de augmented reality, but staying a little far in the jump that a good fall has taken. It takes more than imitate the competition. As we have said before, it is almost an insult, and more coming from another company, if it were the same as Niantic is, well, it can happen, but this? No, please no.