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Gaming mice you can buy in Prime Day (+5 options)

These gaming mice you can buy on Prime DayThey will fascinate you. Ah Amazon Prime Day, that glorious day in which moderation and prudent budget management are left behind in a celebration of unbridled consumerism: the perfect time, in other words, to find the best gaming mouse at affordable prices.

We are likely to see a number of models on our list, as well as a series of other options, that go on sale when the event begins today, July 15 …

6 gaming mice you can buy on Prime Day

1Logitech G403

The Logitech G403original is one of the most recognized and celebrated gaming mice ever produced, and the update honors that legacy. Logitech has replaced the old-fashioned 1,800 CPI sensor of the original with its stylish new 16,000 CPI HERO sensor, one of the most accurate and best performing sensors anywhere. It is sensitive and incredibly accurate, so serve both the most demanding productivity tasks and align perfect pxel head shots.

The MX518 focuses on the things that matter in a suitable gaming mouse, while avoiding all the lint and unnecessary swelling that is in part of the competition. This not only means an optimized mouse that is a pleasure to use, but it also means that Logitech can avoid wild price inflation.

twoLogitech G203 Prodigy

The best gaming mouse to save some money.

You can find a lot of mice for decent and unnamed brand games on Amazon for less than 25 euros. With this mouse, you get the fantastic and reliable build quality from Logitech,good software for the game controllerand a tried and true mouse shape. Since its popular G100s years ago, Logitech has released several mice with an almost identical, almost ambidextrous body, and remains an ideal comfortable mouse for the active grip of players with FPS or MOBA. ANDthe G203 is VERY cheap.

The G203 Prodigy does not use the Logitech top range sensor, but tests have shown that the mercury sensor (developed by Logitech) on this mouse is so good that you probably don't notice the difference.

3Razer Deathadder Elite