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Galaxy S10 5G: Price. Galaxy S10 5G: Samsung 5G cell phone features


The Galaxy S10 5G has the 5G logo on the back, is larger than the other S10, has a fourth rear camera and more battery.

Sarah Tew / CNET

The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is an even more advanced cell phone than the Galaxy S10 Plus, but this also means being bigger and more expensive. In addition, this device will have to verify that 5G really offers benefits beyond better browsing speeds, especially initially when the coverage will not be the best.

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The news of the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G


Design: It is the largest Galaxy S10

The Galaxy S10 5G is an S10 that integrates a curved AMOLED screen and a curved glass back that join just in a metal frame.

The screen is practically the same as that of the Galaxy S10 Plus and integrates holes to accommodate its two front cameras. However, instead of being 6.4 inches, the screen of the Galaxy S10 5G is 6.7 inches (it seems that, at this rate, we will soon have Samsung flagship phones up to 7 inches) and its front camera hole is larger than the of the S10 Plus.


The difference of the front cameras of the Galaxy S10 Plus (opposite) vs. the Galaxy S10 5G (back).

Juan Garzn / CNET

The good thing is that this cell phone also has very thin bezels or frames, so the front is practically pure screen. Like the Galaxy S10 Plus, the Galaxy S10 5G has two front cameras that are located in two holes connected with a black bar in between.

The Galaxy S10 5G also has the Bixby button located on the left side edge, on the same side where the volume bar is located. On the opposite side is the power button and on the back there is no fingerprint reader like the one found on the Galaxy S9, but on this occasion the fingerprint reader is integrated into the screen, as in the S10 and the S10 Plus.

Here you will also find a traditional headphone jack and a USB-C port. The cell phone has IP68 water resistance, like the other Galaxy S10.

In the rear we find four cameras (s one more than in the Galaxy S10 Plus) and a heart rate sensor.

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