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Foodvisor puts you in strict control of what you put in your mouth


Foodvisor is a new app that helps us control our diet Thanks to your calorie counter, meal diary and diet plan. He is not going to invent the wheel, since there are other similar apps, but it makes everything so easy, so visual and so complete that it becomes irresistible.

We do not only talk about having in your food encyclopedia the nutritional data of any food that comes to your mind, but also offers the option of adding just the portion taken. That is, if you choose pineapple, you will see how you can add the exact amount taken to have exact control of all your daily shots. Go for it.

Keep track of your diet in the best possible way


Foodvisor is a new app for control of what we eat that comes in Spanish and that this allows us to fully enjoy your experience. Not only does it do so, but it also offers that experience in the most enjoyable and pleasant visual way so that we encourage ourselves to keep recording all the food we eat daily.


And something that we like enormously, of every food we record, apart from being able to do itor through the barcode or by a photo, provides all the information to know that we are facing one with few fats, low in salt and all those characteristics with which we will learn to know better what we eat.

Foodvisor, from the start of the app, will ask us to enter a series of basic data to recommend you how many calories do you have to introduce daily to your body. We talk about weight, height, age and your daily exercise habits. With these three data will offer you the recommendation to divide the day into 4 meals: breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.

Each meal indicated with calories in Foodvisor


Each of these meals will indicate the recommended calories to be introduced into our body, plus what would be a series of bars at the top that indicates the amount of fat, protein, carbohydrates and fiber taken in one day.

From the main home we can be at the daily timeline of each of the foods that we take more what the missing calories would be. The food we eat can be recorded manually, from history, by photo or by barcode. That is, we are not going to have any problem registering them in order to keep a complete record of them.

What we miss is that we can not put automatic intakes For certain foods. In the case that you are already dieting, and if you know that every afternoon you take two slices of pineapple, it would help to be able to save us by entering this data. It could even be automated just like we do with calendar events.

Set a goal