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Fast and affordable tablets with European seal. MegaTAB V8


Fast and affordable tablets with European seal. MegaTAB V8

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August 24, 2017

fast tablets megatab v8

Fast tablets usually belong to the highest segments. Cases such as those of the Surface series, for example, have processors that exceed 3 Ghz and offer speed without palliative. However, a curious phenomenon occurs, and that is that many phablets that belong to the highest and even medium categories also have superior chips to those of the most affordable models that exceed 7 inches.

But as we have commented on other occasions, if there is something that characterizes consumer electronics, it is the fact that we can find hundreds of models that cover many properties and that belong to different price ranges. Even so, they try to offer a balanced performance to some users who continue to look with magnifying glass at the cost of the media. Today we are going to talk about V8, a device created by an Austrian firm that boasts of speed but also of being economical.


Made of plastic, there is nothing especially that stands out over other terminals. The back is colored White while the rear camera is located at one end of the rear case. Its approximate dimensions are of 26 × 15 centimeters and its weight, adjusted if we consider the size of its screen, exceeds by a few grams the half a kilogram.

v8 white tablet

Fast and updated tablets or not?

Next we will tell you more about the image and performance properties of the V8. Screen of 10 inches with a resolution of 1024 × 600 pixels that can place it as an option to consider for leisure. To this, two cameras are added, one rear and one front. He processor, as we said before, it can be one of the great strengths of this model, since it reaches maximum frequencies of 2 Ghz, while what we found in its segment is around 1.3. The RAM stays in the 2 GB and the initial storage capacity is 32. The operating system is Lollipop. Is it a terminal with weaknesses or balanced?

Availability and price

Coming from an Austrian firm, it is currently possible to find the V8 substantially reduced. Released several months ago, its initial cost it was almost 250 euros. Now can be located for about 170 in the main online shopping portals. Given its properties, is it a correct figure, or do you think it is possible to find other fast tablets with more complete specifications for less? We leave you available related information about other models in this category so you can learn more.