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Everything you should know about Joker 2, the sequel to the DC movie

joker movie 2 movieDespite a series of controversies over its violent content, the film Joker I broke more than one global box office record and positioned itself as one of the favorites. And now, reports say Warners Bros. is working on sequel options for the star of JokerJoaquin Phoenix, who has become a strong contender in the best actor career for the Oscars as Batman's nmesis.

Joker marks the fourth title of DC in crossing the billion dollars (one billion), following the steps of Aquaman of 2018 ($ 1.15 billion), as well as The Dark Knight Rises of 2012 ($ 1.08 billion) and The Dark Knight of 2008 ($ 1 billion). But what makes this production remarkable is its budget of only $ 60 million, which is much smaller than the previous films.

In Joker, actor Joaquin Phoenix masterfully plays Arthur Fleck, a man ignored by society with a series of personal conflicts. The film offers a broad view of the circumstances that lead Arthur to become one of Gotham's greatest villains

Reports claim that Phoenix moved away from the possibility of another DC story to develop in the line of JokerBut, of course, Warner Bros (WB) is going to protect his DC characters, since that superhero library is a vital arm of the company's franchise. You probably don't want to turn all your recognizable characters into violent and rated R movies, but it seems that at the rate of Joker, WB is willing to let at least some of its characters not be left behind.

Rumors claim that the protagonist of Joker is in negotiations to return in Joker 2Although, based on previous situations, many thought Phoenix probably wouldn't want to follow up, given its aversion to franchises in the past. It is not clear how close to being involved with these or other DC movies.

It is also not clear when Joker 2 It may be carried out, but given the unique style of the first film, it will not be surprising that it followed a traditional sequel trajectory that most major studio productions perform. We will keep you informed with news.

Since its premiere in theaters in early October, Joker It reached more success than predicted, despite controversies prior to its release around the violence that the character could inspire. In its first weekend at the box office the film raised – only in North America – more than $ 93 million dollars. After his millionaire achievement, he became the highest grossing premiere, beating even Venom, which raised $ 80 million in 2018.

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