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Draw and videoreview of the Amazon Kindle Fire

A week ago I received a Kindle Fire Thanks to Don?t Retail for a review on Omicrono. The truth is that it is a very interesting tablet, because of its low price of $ 199 We will have a very powerful tablet that works great.

There are Good things and bad things, of course, so let's go deeper into what this tablet is.

Let's start with the videoreview:

I said it yesterday in the full review of Omicrono, but we have to understand the Kindle Fire as what it is. Although we are facing a 7 ? Android tablet It is not a 7 ? Android tablet. It is a tablet that Android has in its heart, but a very seated Amazon cape to turn it into a device to enjoy your services. We must recognize that Amazon services are very good, but we have a very serious problem, and that is that outside the US only the book one works. The music, video and apps are totally unusable.

So the only solution is to use methods to root and install the Market, and thus be able to put a launcher more pure Android style, so that this Kindle Fire is much more tablet.

You see what it is, forget about the Kindle Fire as a normal Android tablet, is a device to enjoy Amazon services, unless we put a hand to customize it a bit, and then the possibilities are greatly expanded.

Well, we make it very easy for you. Thanks to Omicrono and Don?t retail you can get it here, and we anticipate that for participate in the raffle you're only going to have to become a follower in Twitter or like it on Facebook, as simple as that.

What are you waiting for?