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Download the BRAWLHALLA beta, the new Ubisoft for Android


Ubisoft has a new mobile game, the successful combat title Brawlhalla Be available on iOS and Android. But the most important thing is to come with crossplay for all consoles and devices. The same happens between PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch and is extended to mobile phones. That is, you can play between all platforms.

This game arrive in 2020, but the beta has already started

Its premiere will be in 2020, and soon there will be a beta version for which you can register and get quick access. After you register, you will be placed in a queue to receive an invitation by email. Also you will receive a referral link personalized that you can share with friends, family and social networks to get a better place in the queue.

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Stay informed on social networks

Keep yourself in tune with Brawhalla's social media channels, such as Twitter, Twich, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Discord, you can be up to date on everything related to the game. You will not miss the exact day of the launch and you can also be part of the select group that will have the privilege of testing the closed beta version for mobile devices.

Ubisoft seems to start trusting mobile phones

The fact of testing on mobile devices indicates a master move. Not only because it is a medium that greatly favors the free-to-play format, but because Ubisoft advances us in its triler that continue to support very openly the cross game between all platforms, being an adequate expansion goes to attract new players.

It was launched on Steam in 2017 (and consoles shortly after) but Brawlhalla has managed to create a great impact on combat games. As for critics, it is the second after Smash Bros., and since it is multiplatform, there is a good chance that it has a greater number of players. It has a great variety of game modes, from 1 to 1 up to 8 free players, and fun alternative game modes.

Additionally bring a growing list of 47 legends, incorporated Epic Crossover fighters such as Heliboy, Adventure Times Finn and Jake, and eight WWE Superstars such as The Rock, Jhon Cena, Becky Lynch and El Enterrador.

If you want to be one of the first to try Brawlhalla on your mobile this is your great opportunity, sign up for the beta by entering your Apple ID or your Google Play email. The invitations will be sent in the order they register, but it is possible to advance positions if you share the personalized reference link that Ubisoft will send you when you sign up.

You can register today on the official website. There is very little left for this expected game to reach mobile phones worldwide. Meanwhile, we will be attentive to inform you about any developments that arise in this regard.

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