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compatible with all platforms

The building game par excellence on most platforms will be even more uniform: Minecraft Better Together arrives.

Few games have aroused as much admiration as the famous Minecraft. It is one of those titles so versatile, that its development has not stagnated since the beginning accumulating countless news without changing its essence. It was one of the reasons why Microsoft bought the company and the game; without keeping it in a drawer as it has done with other purchases, luckily.

What do we have again in Minecraft for Android? An update arrives that will equate this version with the one present in the rest of the platforms. Android, iOS, Windows … All will be compatible with each other allowing to update in unison and offer a cross game experience. That's right, the famous "Better Together" update is already among us.

Access to servers, millions of users, we will have purchases in all copies …


This update brings very juicy news and only for the unification of platforms. We will have all the store purchases accessible on the other devices, we can play with the tens of millions of people who access the servers from the computers and, ultimately, Mojang and Microsoft enrich the experience so that it's even more fun to play Minecraft on your mobile or tablet.

The update Better together It has already reached the Google Play Store and is currently being distributed. For now we will have to buy the game on each platform to access from it, something they could have solved: Better Together and unique purchase. Although this is an advantage for mobile users: for what the game is worth on Android we will have accessible all the options of the rest of platforms.

Build a world together, that's what Mojang and Microsoft propose with the Minecraft Better Together update. So be it.