Colorzlee takes you to the peace of growing flowers with puzzles

Colorzzle is a peaceful and peaceful puzzle for Android in which you will have in your hand, or your fingers, the ability to combine colors so that trees and flowers grow.

This way you immerse yourself in a leisurely and quiet experience of those that are sometimes worth enjoying, to get out of those other games in which stress and restlessness are always present in our games.

Combine colors to make life grow

Colorzzle is a game that starts from the premise of making grow trees and flowers. In his experience, he allows us so that we have to combine the colors we have in a series of chips. We have to combine the colors in order to join two tiles of the same color and life occurs before our eyes.


Thus we will begin to play without much more pretense than click on a tab to make it rise, and then touch where we want to place it. They will simply be movements to move on to another puzzle and thus not cease to progress in this peaceful title that has recently arrived on Android.

Not only stays in combining the colors, but you will have to know a little about the theory of color so that when you need orange and you have only the red and yellow chips, you put them next to that central chip so that it becomes orange. This is where the most creative side of Colorzzle comes in.

Colorzzle's theory of color and art

With this we get fully into a color that It is left over from harmony and that visually also appreciates the work carried out by Darong Studio, those who have published it to the Play Store; By the way, this puzzle won the Grand Prix to the Indies Games Competition in Seongnam in 2017.


In total you will have 100 hand-designed puzzles and that will be complicated as we progress. The truth is that the first levels are very easy, but there will already be some in which we will have to start testing to finish completing the level. It is important that not everything is an easy path, but get us to not start it again and keep the rest of the lost games that we have in the internal memory of our mobile.

He minimalism is also something key in Colorzzle and where it shows the subtle touch of this couple of developers, and even have a little in real life, to complete a more than interesting game for Android.

Freemium and premium at the same time

It is also appreciated that in the free version allow us to play at 50 levels Without finding an advertisement. If you finish all, it would not be bad for you to pay the 0.98 euros that its premium version costs to enjoy the rest and thank the developers.


A title that It stands out for its elegant touch in graphics with minimalism in the visual aspect and a simple game mechanic that keeps us playing. He does not lack anything to be one of those puzzles that his fans manage to have and that almost force you to finish them to stay calm. We also highlight the wise color palette chosen so that a great gaming experience is generated on the screen of our mobile, very quiet, without haste and with all the Zen of the world.

You have Colorzzle for free in the Play Store, but also with another premium version that we show you the link so you can access any of them. A puzzle well posed of those who like and that thanks to its optimized interface and not bored on screens that simply tend to get in the way, takes you directly to play and play. Of course, always with Zen music, tranquility and all the peace in the world. It is good to take a moment of a game of this kind to relax the pulse. We leave you with Hoppia Tale, a great success for Android.

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