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Can we use a rocket launcher in the new mode of PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile rocket launcher

From the official Twitter account, PUBG Mobile the arrival of a new mode called Payload and that, as far as you can tell by the image used, it will give us a rocket launcher to face the enemy.

We do not know anything else, since everything has been left in mystery and assumptions; even the new beta 0.14.5 has been released, but in which there is no news. It only warns that in the next update of the beta will come the new weapons and the new vehicles.

New vehicles? The helicopter?


In the latest versions they appeared magically a series of helicopters along and width of the Erangel map. In Pochinky, one of the areas most visited and populated by players, a large helicopter appeared like those "chopper" of the Vietnam War.

And like what happened with the zombies, before the new modes that we enjoy today with the hordes and even fast modes, some were appearing bodies of these walkers on the beaches of Erangel. It was a kind of clue for what came to us, so as far as we can guess, it would be a surprise that we could fly a helicopter, or rather destroy a squad that is mounted on one automatically.


It has just occurred to us because it is more complex to integrate an air vehicle, and there was always the rumor that Tencent Games was looking for ways to integrate other ways to start the game according to the style of each player. That is, if you like to fall in the "hot zones", you would go in those helicopters directly. On the other hand, if you like the open field, others would allow you to fall on forests and jungles.

The image of discord

New mode

To this day the combat has always remained on the surface, unless you will quickly take a rifle in Pochinky and you will dedicate yourself to shooting and eliminating those players who were getting off their parachutes very slowly. That is, we have never had the possibility to control vehicles that fly and allow other types of strategies.

The given image of PUBG Mobile from your official Twitter account It offers a very clear image where a fighter armed with his rocket launcher is seen, and directing a good shot at a helicopter, rather of the small ones. In other words, we talk about ground> air combat from what we can see, although there is also a good room for maneuver for that helicopter to shoot.

What yes that we don't see anywhere is that huge helicopter that you can see right now, if you play a game, in Pochinky and in which a squad could perfectly fly. Also, being a new mode, with this PUBG you can experience without suffering at all the classic games where the teams face with their 100 players; although also those numerous bots.

New season in sight