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Butterfly keyboard fixed worth buying a Macbook now?

MacBook Pro 16

MacBook Pro 16

It has taken years to find a definitive solution, and that is Apple's problems with its MacBook's butterfly mechanism keyboards date back more than 4 years ago. Now, with the launch of the new 16-inch MacBook Pro we finally see that they have managed to solve this problem. Is this a good time to buy a MacBook without worrying about the keyboard failure? Keep reading and we will tell you.

Problem fixed, but only at the top of the range.

Apple has finally managed to fix the problem, but there is still a great way to go, since Now it's time to update the full range of laptops to integrate this new mechanism. At the moment the new butterfly mechanism with 1mm travel is only available on the MacBook top of the range, the newly released Pro 16-inch.

MacBook Pro keyboard

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2020 is probably the year.

What happens then with the rest of computers? According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the famous Apple analyst, 2020 be the year that the 13-inch Air and Pro range will be renewed With the new mechanisms. Until that moment, it is not that it is not a good idea to buy a Macbook (which always is), we will simply have to understand that our device is susceptible to this annoying keyboard failure that keeps the keystrokes longer. It is not the end of the world in any case since Apple has an exclusive technical service to fix this, but the solution is to replace a new keyboard system that we know so far is the same as this trouble. So the only thing we do is set the counter of our keyboard to zero, until it fails again.

MacBook Pro butterfly keyboard

Should you buy a MacBook then now that the new keyboard has been released?

If you have read me here you will have already deduced for yourself that this It depends on the model you need. Do you need a portable computer with a lot of power and facing a professional task? Further, the new 16-inch MacBook Pro is an incredibly powerful machine, and it already has the new butterfly keyboard. Are you going to buy a 13-inch MacBook Air or Pro? Or maybe a MacBook of 12 or 15 of those that are already discontinued? Then you may want to wait, Apple laptops are not characterized by being precisely cheap, and is that the simplest model starts from more than 1000. Better wait for this 2020 and take the opportunity to directly get a model with the new integrated keyboard, and so do not let anything match the experience of buying a new MacBook.