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As is Rop, the minimalist game with strings that prove your patience

Rop is a very minimalist game that exploits the puzzles with an everyday object of life: the ropes. Do you dare to try it?

I can't help it: I lose minimalism. Especially in the games you can play on Android. That's why I loved titles like Monument Valley or Alto?s Adventure, which stand out for their excellent graphic section. And there are times that minimalism predominates more than graphics, and games as curious as Strata or in this particular case come out Rop, which, as the name implies, uses an element of our daily life: the ropes.

Rop or how to shake your mind with ropes

This is Rop, the minimalist game with strings that will test your patience

What exactly is Rop? Is a puzzle game and logical, but with a differentiating element: the ropes. On a hexagon-shaped surface you will have some points linked to each other by ropes. Do you have that imitate the example that you put with those strings. A small example. Imagine that you have to make a vertical line, and you have 2 points joined by a rope. You will have to put them so that they form that same vertical line.

This is Rop, the minimalist game with strings that will test your patience

It's a complicated thing to understand at first, but when you take it easy, it's tremendously addictive. One thing I like is that the difficulty is increasing in a very ingenious way. Instead of putting complicated examples, the strings they join more points, which makes you have to have more factors to consider. This makes it happen that you think you have everything done, and a single rope The whole thing bothers you. Great.

The most differential aspect of Rop is Its ultra minimalism. In the same menu it shows: you just have to slide the rope down to look at the different levels there are. And they are not few, notice. In addition, in each block of levels new ways of bringing the game arise, such as Cut the strings instead of joining them. It is a continuous auto recycling from which Rop is nourished so you don't stop playing. And it is very frustrating

This is Rop, the minimalist game with strings that will test your patience

We have 2 level packages, which together add up 143 tests And as we mentioned, in the second block things change, and the difficulty is increasing. For what you will have to have much patience To spend the whole game. A third package will appear soon, and of course we encourage you to discover it. I love how little Rop needs to be a game that stands out. His appearance lacking ostentation I just fell in love.

This is Rop, the minimalist game with strings that will test your patience

Rop is available free and without ads in the Google Play Store. I recommend this game for those who want something simple and without too much bragging So entertain yourself for a while, being also a different and unique concept that will test your skills in puzzle games. Also, it seems to me worked enough for someone to give it a chance. Don't you think