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Apple introduces "Apple Music for Business" to provide music to stores

Apple Music for Business

If you have a business where you put music, watch out because this can be interesting. Apple has just introduced "Apple Music for Business", a partnership with PlayNetwork so that any small business can use Apple Music lists. Companies can subscribe to Apple Music for Business plans and get licensed music to play in their stores. Apple provide playlists selected by people and even personalized recommendations tailored to each store individually.

Companies and businesses can control the music that plays thanks to a special application for iPhone or iPad. Since each company is unique, the interface of Apple Music for Business can be adapted and functions can be adapted to any environment in which music is played.

Apple Music for Business is now available

You have to keep in mind that a normal Apple Music or Spotify subscription cannot be used in commercial locations, so this new platform makes a lot of sense. Apple has created a new portal for Apple Music for Business that includes all the functions of this new program and how companies can partner and hire it. From this new website you can request information if you are interested.

Apple Music for Business

As reported The Wall Street Journal, important department stores like Harrods have been using Apple Music for Business for a few weeks now and now Apple has implied this offer to any type of business. Adems Harrods show posters in your store promoting Apple Music to customers and get an affiliate commission if users subscribe, something that other businesses can also use as reported by Apple.

As always, Apple has come up with many interesting ideas to bring Apple Music to business, for example users can download the playlist that is playing in each store thanks to a QR code that will be in each store.

Apple Music for business

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A new very interesting idea that will probably make Apple Music grow and that can have a very favorable impact on many businesses, thanks to Apple Music for Business you can play ?the music that your customers like most, licensed for commercial use by the PlayNetwork team?.