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Android 4.3 Game Center leaks


Google Play Games: Android 4.3 Game Center leaks

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May 13, 2013

Google Play Games app

Today starts the week in which some of the most important news of the year will be known in mobile system Google. He I / O will be the starting point of Android 4.3 and, although it does not suppose the great jump that we expected with Key Lime Pie, it will evolve in certain aspects to offer improvements in the experience of use. Google Play Games, a new style gaming platform Game center, has already leaked into images and will be one of the main bets of this new edition.

Obviously, games increasingly occupy a more important plot in tablets and smartphones. Without well the catalog in Android it's not as developed as it can be in iOS, Google has enormous potential in this area if we take into account the amount of users it adds. For now, the App Store it is a destination most coveted by developers, since revenue in Manzana they are even more numerous, but those of Mountain View will present some improvements to turn around the situation.

The truth is that there is no better way to enhance a game than to develop its social dimension and that is precisely what it will seek Google with your new service Play games, a meeting platform for gamers that will give even more life to the extensive catalog of titles Android.

Play Games App

The information that has arrived with these first filtered images confirms that Play games will allow you to save progress in the cloud, from our account Google, regardless of the device we play with, it will offer simultaneous multiplayer games by levels, a system of achievements and trophies, chats, ranking of scores, etc.

Honestly, it's something we missed in the world's most widespread and used mobile operating system. Addiction wins many integers if its social and community dimension is developed and it is not the same to play just by hanging out on a subway trip than getting entangled in a picket with our friends. Hence the huge success of titles like the Crawled or Trivialized. A service to manage all this activity began to be something fundamental.

Google Play Games Icon

As we can see in the filtered images, in addition to the features we have mentioned before, some other features can be seen: integration with Google+, the use of notifications or a first outline (we don't know if final) of the application icon Play games.

In a few days we will be able to give many more details. Start a big week for all users of Android.

Source: Android Police.