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Amazon offer to buy a Nintendo Switch Lite with its minimum price

Gradually Christmas is approaching and, it is possible, that you already have in mind some of the gifts you intend to make. If one of them is the console Nintendo Switch Lite, it is a good time to buy it in the Amazon online store since it now has a attractive discount I'm sure you're really good at it.

The model in question is called standard and has color Gray, so it fits perfectly for the vast majority of people (due to its neutrality). The article that is being promoted in the well-known online store does not include any game, it has the virtues of being quite small and light – its weight is less than 100 grams -, so it can be carried from one side to the other without any problem . An important detail is that this console integrates the controls in the housing, so it is not necessary to do with additional controls as in the other console model that is on the market (yes, the option of HD vibration is not offered).

Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch

Compatibility with Nintendo Switch Lite games

Here is good news, since all the titles that are compatible with the Portable mode They can be enjoyed with this product without any problem. Otherwise, it is necessary to use Joy-Con controls that synchronize seamlessly with the console we are talking about (sold separately). Therefore, it is possible to say that the compatibility offered by this product is total.

Are you used to the Joy-Con? So you can use them on Nintendo Switch Lite

It is important to indicate that this Nintendo model cannot be connected to Smart TVs, since it is intended for portable use, but I know that multiplayer is fully implemented and, therefore, the developments that offer this modality do not offer problems to enjoy them to the maximum (the maximum number of consoles that is admitted playing at the same time is eight). As always, in terms of software, stability is total and access is given to eShop, which allows you to buy games online, and also to News, where you will find information about the latest releases for Nintendo Switch Lite.

Nintendo Switch Lite

Get the Nintendo console on offer

If this is a gift you want to make or simply want to buy the Nintendo Switch Lite with its color screen, now you can save you 30 euros on Amazon what a good savings. We leave the corresponding link in the online store so that right now you can get this product with its minimum price in this place: