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Amazon launch integrated game streaming service with Twitch

how to stream on TwitchThe Google Stadia cloud gaming platform has just launched, but the service has already been criticized for poor game selection, poor performance and even overheating problems with Chromecast devices. However, these problems do not seem to be a concern for Amazon, as the tech giant is preparing to present its own video game streaming service.

According to reports citing internal sources familiar with the company's plans, Amazon will announce a game streaming service next year, and has already begun recruiting personnel from other major technology companies as it moves towards launch. As expected, the plan is that the new platform, whose name has not yet been revealed, will be integrated with Twitch's live broadcast and other Amazon services.

So far, and despite its attempts, Amazon has had difficulty entering the video game industry successfully. Cancel several high profile games before launch, including Breakaway, and allegedly fired dozens of developers during E3 this year, along with more canceled projects. If we are learning something from the launch of Stadia, it is that Amazon need to have a robust platform and several exclusive and high profile games to attract players.

Amazon and Google will not be the only companies competing for your money in the subscription streaming game market. Microsoft is also currently developing its service known as Project xCloud, which already has more games than Stadia and that will have special control schemes when played through mobile devices. Unlike its competitors, Microsoft does not market xCloud as a replacement for consoles, but as a service to complement them.

We will keep you informed as we receive more details about Amazon's next video game streaming service.

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