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AI and Gaming for the mid-range

Not so long ago Qualcomm introduced the Snapdragon 670, a new SOC based on the 10 nanometer manufacturing process; a chip specially designed for mid-range models, so we could not expect the best performance, but the one necessary for the common user.

However, Qualcomm's offer for the mid-range is not going to stay there. The manufacturer was also preparing another model, this time adapted to the latest trends in smartphones; that is, "gaming", the image process and Artificial Intelligence.

Snapdragon 675 features

All announced high-end mobiles boast these three characteristics; they are, in good part, the reasons for spending so much money on one. But what if you could get those advantages on a mobile that doesn't cost so much? For example, in mobiles between 300 and 500 euros, some of the most popular in the market.

That is the goal of new Snapdragon 675. As the name implies, it is not a big jump compared to 670; But it has certain characteristics that can make it more attractive.

The Snapdragon 675 is a processor of eight cores, which as usual uses its cores depending on the workload. Two of the most powerful cores can reach 2.0 GHz, although the other six reach 1.78 GHz. It is manufactured in 11 nm instead of 10 nm in 670, with an LPP (Low Power Plus) manufacturing process. As for the GPU, we are facing an Adreno 612. It supports 8 GB of RAM.

Get better photos with mid-range phones

In that sense there is not much news; The striking thing about Snapdragon 675 is that it includes many technologies and optimizations for certain types of cargo. For example, lately we are more aware that the key to a good photo is no longer alone in the sensor; Processing the image correctly is also important.

The Snapdragon 675 includes the Qualcomm 250L ISP, an integrated image processor which allows you to take "professional" photos, according to Qualcomm. This means that mobile phones with this chip may have three cameras, both in the front and in the rear; and access to advanced functions such as wide angle, super wide angle, or telephoto, with a zoom of up to 5x.

In addition, it is also compatible with the bokeh effect and is able to unlock our mobile with the face with the front cameras. As for the video, it can record at 480 frames per second and allows slow motion in high definition.

Artificial Intelligence and games without going over cost

The Snapdragon 675 includes the third generation of the Qualcomm Artificial Intelligence engine. As such, it is able to support the rest of the system in achieving better results; It can help the image processor to get better photos, learn our voice better, and improve battery life.

Thanks to this, although the improvements in the processor are not incredible, Qualcomm presumes that the Snapdragon 657 will be noticed much faster. Web browsing will be 35% faster, opening the player will be 20% faster, all with respect to the Snapdragon 670 just a few months ago. Overall performance has been improved by 20%.

Qualcomm is insistent that this is a gaming processor; and what better statement of intent than affirming that the Snapdragon 675 is capable of withstanding 120 Hz. Now, it is unlikely that you will see a mid-range mobile with a similar screen; Only more expensive models like the Razer Phone 2 dare to include it.

But that indicates that 675 will go something "left over" with the games. It will offer high frame rates, and the experience should be more fluid than with other models; In addition, Qualcomm is already working with graphic engine developers to optimize them for this processor.

The Snapdragon 675 is the answer to the latest market trends: image processing, Artificial Intelligence and gaming. The key is whether you will get it at a price we can consider "mid-range." To know it we will still have to wait for the first devices that include it in the first quarter of 2019; since the platform has now been made available to manufacturers.

AI and Gaming for the mid-range
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