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Acer Iconia A200, the new Tablet is presented in partnership with a video

We had already heard about the Acer Iconia A200, the natural substitute of the A100, which we have analyzed in the blog. And now we finally have his first real indications in a Christmas and home video, which makes us clearly see that over the next few weeks at the latest, he would have to go to the market to be available on the furious dates where consumption soars , the sweet Christmas.

One of the most attractive news is that it would come with Ice Cream sandwich factory, and that with respect to the A100 increases up to 10 inches of swamplla, which I see a mistake, because the market of 7 and 8 inches is a reality of the market, especially and basically because of the weight that it supposes, the 350 – 380 grams of those of 7 ? with the almost 600 that are around from 10". As well will have to see if they have improved the battery in the a200 with respect to 100 (very scarce), but taking into account the larger screen size and therefore more space, if it should be larger

Some of the features that we can already find out about the Iconia A200 are:

  • Tegra 2 processor (Dual core at 1 GHz)
  • 10 ? screen with 1280 x 800 pixels
  • 1GB of RAM
  • Rear and front camera for video calls
  • Wifi connection, Bluetooth, Micro SD slot and a USB port
  • Android 4.0

But the surprise would come in the price, since being the small one of the family inheriting the witness of the A100, its price would also be on that step and we could talk under 300 dollars, without a doubt, great news for a tablet with these characteristics and more knowing that Acer is not a bad brand at all or that Android is appealing to you.

Acer, as other brands are starting to move your helm towards tablets rather than netbooks, for something it will be right?