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a hidden mystery in a simple and somewhat short Android game

Obelisk consists of a mini game with a quality and aura of mystery worthy of mention. Those who know how to appreciate the quality in small bottles are in luck.

The quality of a game is not always related With the duration of this. There are very short titles (like series) that, although they could be somewhat more extensive, leave you with a strange taste, and not bad at all. In fact, it's a taste in your mouth that screams a loud "I want more." This is the case of Obelisk, a game that meets this premise at the strictest of the letter, but with a result that deserves to be in The Free Android.

Obelisk: the good comes in small jars

Obelisk: a hidden mystery in a short Android game

As you can see in the image above, Obelisk stands out precisely On the contrary: do not stand out at all. Its graphic section is summarized in an 8-bit retro aesthetic; We don't even have music or dialogues. In fact, everything is so minimalist that it feels like we need something else. And although some are already thinking that this is not worth it, wait, because Obelisk contains mystery. And addictive mystery.

The "story" revolves around a stone obelisk with engravings that address us. It tells us to wake up, not to be afraid, as if it were a father. Then, we appear in a small room (very small) handling a kind of warrior with an aesthetic similar to the same obelisk. We have Two weapons: a sword and a hook. With the hook we can grab our enemies and with the sword attack them. It has no more.

Obelisk: a hidden mystery in a short Android game

We will fear only 3 blows to survive. When we finish (or when we want) we can use the hook to go to the obelisk. The moment we have cleared the area of ??enemies, in the obelisk we will recover "our health" and will continue talking to us. He will ask us various things, and he will talk to us in a mysterious way, to which we must respond with short dialogues. Then, we will be in the room delivering milk. But with more enemies and in a room with more difficulty.

Obelisk: a hidden mystery in a short Android game

After 4 or 5 maps, the obelisk will reveal a secret (which I will not reveal) and … that's it. The game will end there, and we will only have the option to replay it exactly the same. It reminds a lot of the genre "Rogue-like" taken to the Hack and Slash field, in which we will not have any progress and in the case of death We will have to start from the beginning. And now many will ask you: why am I recommending this game?

Good. To start, I love it the mystery aura surrounding the entire game. We know absolutely nothing about history, and the little we perceive is concentrated in a low-level experience without complexity. That is, it is a puzzle that we will never solve. All with a fairly successful aesthetic and overwhelming simplicity. Besides, it's like it's a story that starts from the end, and that has no beginning. And of which we will only have a good taste.

Not to everyone's taste

Obelisk: a hidden mystery in a short Android game

Of course, I already predict that this is not a "game" for all tastes. More than a game, it's a mini story Very mysterious and told in a very different way. Lovers of this kind of genres and mysteries they will be delighted while others will see it as a little bit of entertainment and then uninstall it. And that is not bad. It's the magic of the variety on Android: there are games for everyone. But the quality that Obelisk says is enough for what it offers us, in my personal opinion.

And it has another advantage: It has no advertising or payments in the app. It's nothing more than what I've already mentioned: a little story wrapped in a halo of restlessness. And for that, I recommend it in a personal capacity. Obelisk is free on Google Play, and don't lose anything by trying it and giving your impression. Of course, Obelisk will not be for everyone, but get what it promises: that getting out of the comfort zone does not have to be bad.