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A former Apple manager tells how Steve Jobs stole a MacBook

Steve Jobs MacBook

As time goes by, Steve Jobs has never appeared before, from phone jokes to Spotify's CEO to new examples of his perfectionism at the headquarters of major companies. Today we bring you a new story that has just been revealed a former Apple employee who only work with Steve.

In a recent episode of Hector Rodrguez's The Eavesdrop podcast, Apple's former vice president of advertising, Andy Miller, has shared an incredible story about the accidental theft of a MacBook and the mouse of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs during a heated meeting at the office of the missing Apple CEO.

An unknown story so far

Andy Miller joined Apple after the Apple Company will buy its Quattro Wireless advertising company for $ 275 million at the end of 2009, since then he reported directly to Jobs. Miller remained at Apple until the end of 2011 after leading Apple's mobile advertising group that created iAd.

In this Miller podcast reveals how Apple's acquisition of its company was, which took place in a meeting with Jobs himself in which he ended up accepting an offer somewhat lower than he had thought.

Steve Jobs

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Then he started working on Apple's ad platform, his goal was to create sample ads that demonstrate the potential of the iAd platform. Miller and company created several ads in which they made fun of the ads of other companies such as McDonalds and presented them to the Apple executive team.

"After about ten minutes, everyone is revived except for Steve, he thought he was screwed"

Steve Jobs didn't like the job at all, especially since he didn't want Apple to mix with low-quality brands and not reflect Apple's high-end aesthetics. Jobs soon called Miller to his office and the anger is still remembered by the protagonist. Finally he told him to "get out of there and go talk to the marcom department, which makes better announcements." Miller He hurriedly picked up his things and, without realizing it, accidentally also took Steve's MacBook and mouse.

Half an hour later, two security guards appeared, entered the office and handed him a telephone. Jobs is on the other side of the line and told "Why did you steal my laptop?" Miller tried to explain the error and somehow managed to convince Jobs that he had not copied secrets from his personal computer. At that time he thought he had been fired and only returned Jobs' laptop and mouse pad to the security guards. "I stayed with your damn mouse", remember. As of today, Miller says he still has the Steve Jobs mouse in his home.

If you want to hear the story below we leave you the full video of the interview, this fun story begins approximately in the 44th minute: