15 best Marvel games of all time you can play

15 best Marvel games of all time you can play

The Marvel universe is a large and expansive universe with many superheroes that have different abilities in it. Marvel comics have been around for a long time, but recently, the Marvel movie universe has caught the attention of many people. The stories and movies are well written and really interesting. In addition to movies and comics, Marvel also makes games for its superhero movies and comics. Now, some games may have their flaws, but being thrown directly into action is always fun, and that is exactly what these games do. So, Here is a list of some of the 15 best Marvel games you can play:

1. Deadpool (PC, PS4, PS4, Xbox 360 Xbox One)

Deadpool is perhaps one of the most hilarious (anti) heroes in the Marvel Universe. He is known as the "Merc With The Mouth" and is presented as a self-conscious character that generally breaks the fourth wall. The classified R hero has his own game that is no different. The game has you hacking and hitting your enemies and spitting guts and blood everywhere. The game has many of Deadpool's distinctive elements, such as the break of the fourth wall, vulgar humor and many blasphemies .

The game begins with Deadpool introducing you to the studio and its voice actor, and then he rips the pages of the game script and continues his own adventure. The game has a decent story, with good characters, but it is the nature of Deadpool itself that makes the game so much fun.

Download ($ 40)

2. X-Men Origins: Wolverine (PC, PS4, PS2, Xbox 360)

This is perhaps one of the best Marvel games and could be one of the few cases in which the game is better than the movie in s (although not better than Logan). The game makes Hugh Jackman play as Logan, so the game stays true to the Wolverine played in the MCU. Origins: Wolverine is another Marvel game classified as M, so you know it's going to be the real deal. The game is full of brutal deaths with tons of blood. The story may not be the best there is, but it exists to fight with many bad guys and make them pieces or destroy them yourself.

The game is not easy and you will get a lot of damage that exposes the Wolverine adamantium skeleton, which further increases the authenticity of the game. The game also has unlockables and custom suits that you can equip to your liking. Origins: Wolverine is one of the few games that really makes you feel that you are part of the game, and it's an amazing game.

Download ($ 25)

3. X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse (PC, PS2, Xbox)

The Rise of Apocalypse is an RPG-style game like Diablo. The game has the elements basic of an action RPG but with X-Men characters at game length All these characters have special abilities and powers that can be updated and made more powerful. The objective of the game is to end the supervillain apocalypse and, for this, allows a great personalization of the team and the character.

As in the previous Legends of X-Men, you can team up, even if it's non-mutants like Iron Man, or even with the Brotherhood of the evil mutants. The game meets the story and has many dialogues between the characters. The interactions were also quite interactive, since the dialogues are designed taking into account the history of these characters.