Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team

You already have Oliver and Benji on your mobile with Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team has arrived on Android to bring us those games and infinite races that hit very hard a few decades ago when it was released in its day on Tele Cinco. A series of animation based on manga and that will make you remember old times; At least for those who spend thirty.

I mean, that Oliver and Benji are already here to select your players Soccer favorites, and take them to fight against other players around the world. In Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team we are put in the shoes of the technical director of a team that must be a champion.

Those incredible endless kinematics

Oliver and Benji were characterized by almost infinite scenes in which we saw the protagonists make almost juggling to hit the ball very hard. In fact, every time they made a shot it became the event of the century with all those emotions that were generated, short shots and visual effects of all kinds.

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team

And well he grabbed to different generations to the couch in the living room, so that you now have the same feelings in Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team. That is, we are going to become the technical director of the team to witness the matches and we only have to decide the tactics and those special moments in which we will see two players hit the ball at the same time.

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team

Yes, you will have all those scenes generated as if it were the same series on your mobile screen. The truth is that the simulation of the games is not bad with a frontal perspective and with the players moving perfectly to create that simulation experience, but it will be in seconds when one takes a heel of scandal so that the kinematics are opened and all that emotion begins We know about the TV series.

Oliver's shot in Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team

It is perhaps what most attracts the attention of Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team, since their matches become a lot of emotions We will live from our mobile. All seasoned with good graphics and sound effects that will turn each play as if we were playing the same World Championship final when Iniesta hit the ball and made us champions.


Moving on to what the simulator itself is, you can choose your players, training, uniform and even train them. There are also the damn loot boxes, but you almost forget how exciting the game is and that almost ignores the rest of the features.


The goal is that we make the best team and we can create our strategies to deal with all kinds of equipment. These teams will have mythical characters of the series, so if you know it, you are going to take a good bath of Champions from your mobile.

Almost automatic

Of course, remember that you are just going to play with the ball, since you become coaches to click on the special skills that will be loaded as the game progresses. Here they have worked to create cinematic moments rather than amazing and that is what takes the leading role; as it happened in the series that a match could last a lifetime.

Oliver and Benji

A game of loot boxes that will hook a lot for Oliver and Benji. If we say loot boxes we also talk about a pay to win to get balls and get better players. A pity, because graphically it goes luxury and the performance is excellent. The Japanese voices put all the action into it and it is an experience to go through even if you uninstall it in days.