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The new Vodafone tablet, Smart Tab: Prices and features

We already had news that Vodafone had planned to launch its own tablet at some time and so it has been, just in time but a little fair, to conquer the Christmas market of portabilities, registrations and gifts of technology. It is a 7 ″ tablet with fairly competitive prices and with an attraction to highlight, which carries Honeycomb 3.2, of the few tablets of that size that carry it and also for a low price, it gets fully into our list of low cost tablets that must be taken into account.

The manufacturer is suspected of being Huawei, even if it is a Vodafone tablet. Prices range from € 0 to € 269 prepaid. But we will detail technical details and prices with contract modalities:

  • As I said it is a 7-inch tablet with a WXGA TFT screen
  • 391 grams of weight
  • Processor Dual Core 1.2 GHz and 1 GB RAM
  • 16 GB of expandable internal memory with micro SD card
  • Android Honeycomb 3.2
  • 5 megapixel rear camera and 2 front
  • Wifi, HDSPA +, GPS connections and sensors of light, movement, etc.

Undoubtedly, a high-end tablet but with small size, in fact it could be compared to practically the height of the Samsung Tab 7.7 in the absence of knowing more details of the processor or GPU, but I think here the most important factors are the size, the power in general terms and especially the price, which we believe will be one of the tablets of 2012 with the data we have on paper.

The Vodafone Smart Tab prices As you call yourself, you will have a 24-month term in all your prepaid or contract modalities.

  • With the Internet Contigo Oro rate, apart from having 10 GB of navigation per month and cost 49 euros per month or 36.75 if we already have a voice rate with Vodafone, it would cost 0 euros.
  • With the unlimited Internet With You rate we will have 5 Gb and a monthly cost of € 39, or 29.25 if we already have a voice rate. For a price of € 69
  • With the Internet Contigo Express rate we enjoy 2GB per month for € 32 per month or 24.25 if we already had a voice rate. We took it for € 119
  • With the Internet Contigo 1G rate, we get the smart tablet for € 169, with 1 GB of data with a cost of € 19 per month or 14.25 if we already had a voice rate with Vodafone.
  • With the most basic contract rate, we have the tablet for € 219 with 500MB per month at a price of € 15 per month or 11.25 with voice rate.
  • Finally, prepaid, € 269 with a 1GB gift voucher.

As we see, competent prices, although of course, are not gifts. What I do believe is that many people will opt for the prepaid option or the most basic contract, it is a tablet with the potential enough to think about your purchase and forget about monthly payments, that yes, with the 24 months of permanence so annoying.

Now it remains to be seen how it really responds or other unknowns as if it will be updated to Ice Cream Sandwich, which I think is unlikely but not impossible, although we all know that there are always options to include Roms, and surely this tablet will reap a supportive community in this Sense quite broad.

Finally comment that it has a light layer or honeycomb interface, but nothing that may seem annoying a priori.

Well, do you like or prefer other options?

Source: Xatakamovil