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OPPO ColorOS 7: new design, functions and enhanced performance

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After weeks of progress and anticipation, OPPO has finally announced ColorOS 7. This is the new version of its customization layer on Android.

What's new in ColorOS 7


ColorOS 7 It has a user interface with similarities to the previous version. So, if you've ever used ColorOS 6, tea feel familiar with the general interface. Nevertheless, OPPO has increased the white space and adjusted the colors of the user interface to make it more pleasing to the eye. ColorOS 7 reduces saturation to reduce eyestrain. At the conference, the company revealed that, on average, a user spends about 4.7 hours a day on his phone. Therefore, it was necessary for the company to work on a user interface that was lightweight and did not wear out its view.

The company also launched a new source named as OPPO Sans With the new operating system. The Chinese characters of the font were developed by Zhu Zhiwei of Hanyi Fonts, while the western characters were developed by the American design company, Pentagram. What is even more interesting is that the OPPO Sans font has been released for free for everyone, even for commercial use.

ColorOS 7 also brings a dark mode throughout the system that also covers third-party applications. We can also program the dark mode to be applied at a specific time of day. We can further reduce visual fatigue applying a layer of eye protection.


There is a new one "focus mode?, Similar to Zen mode in OxygenOS.

ColorOS 7 is also smarter. You can automatically switch to driving mode if it is connected to the car's Bluetooth. You can also send a reminder of the sleep mode at night, depending on the phone's usage patterns, which activates the ?do not disturb and dark mode on the device.

In addition, it comes with a function in the UI that shows Small cards such as contacts, calendar and alarms at the bottom of the screen. It comes with a special flashback button (the international name may be different) than being useful when we have to quickly switch between two applications.

There is also a new password manager with Google technology. The centered functions in the camera in ColorOs 7 include an adjusted user interface of the camera, portrait mode 2.0, night mode, super stabilization and Soloop video editor. The operating system also supports screenshots and long cuts of three fingers.