Hiring a mobile phone rate with a Virtual Operator is 60% cheaper

Hiring a mobile phone rate with a Virtual Operator is 60% cheaper

The price of a monthly rate that includes 1GB of data with traditional telephone companies costs, on average, 16.23 while the amount for this same service, offered by a virtual operator is of 6.49, which translates into savings of 60%, according to informants from Kelisto.es.

An analysis of the Spanish website indicates that mobile users can save up to 116.88 euros per year if they discard Movistar, Vodafone, Yoigo and Orange and contract with one of these virtual mobile operators (OMV).

Virtual mobile operators have already acquired 16.15% of the mobile phone market in Spain. Last year there were more than six million mobile portabilities, which meant that OMVs gained 1.7 million users, while traditional companies experienced an authentic bleeding of consumers: Movistar lost almost one million customers (967,430) and Vodafone more than 380,000, while Orange and Yoigo recorded minimal user profits (99,000 and 38,000, respectively), said Kelisto.es editor-in-chief Manuel Moreno.

Spain is the fourth country with the most expensive rates according to a report from the European Commission and its mobile consumers cancel up to 354 their respective operators even though, according to their communication needs they can choose the rates that suit them and save up to 225 annual

The difference between traditional operators and OMVs is abysmal, if the two peaks are compared. The cheapest OMV Happy mobile, has a monthly rate of 4.99 while its opposite in traditional companies, Vodafone, charges 22 euros per month, that is, a user can cancel 18 of more per month, for the same service.

Point against

An advantage that companies such as Movistar, Vodafone, Orange and Yoigo can see is that they all offer 4G connection. In fact, according to Kelisto.es spokespersons, all these operators with their own network have directed their efforts towards offering this technology by not being able to compete with the economical prices of OMV. However, in recent years, not everyone has the possibility to offer this type of connection – only Pepephone and Menace They have 4G for their users- and this is a point against this sector.

However, a change on this issue is expected during the rest of the year, as the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC), published at the end of 2014, a resolution that obliges traditional operators to open their networks for the use of third parties

Kelisto.es recommendations

Before making a decisive decision and changing the mobile operator, it is advisable to follow the advice provided by the savings website:

# 1 Choose a rate that fits your actual consumption: Sometimes services are contracted that are above what is actually consumed, which causes unnecessary expense or, on the contrary, a fee is required until the end of the month. There are apps like MyDataManager or 3G Watchdog, which allow to know the consumption that is given to the mobile. Once with that information, comparators like Kelisto.es can help you know the best deals on rates.

# 2 You don't necessarily have to change operators: Although the rate that is contracted is not the most suitable, the same operator may be offering services that best fit the needs of the user, so it will not be necessary to change completely.

# 3 Pending with the stay in rate: If you have some time with the same operator, the mobile probably has a contract of permanence with the rate and to change to another this could have an additional cost. However, if this permanence has already been fulfilled, it will not be necessary to give advance notice to the company and the new rate may be requested. These changes normally occur at 00:00 the next day without waiting for the next billing period.

# 4 Avoid penalties for changing operators: Failure to comply with the periods of permanence could be the cause of penalty, so you must be sure that you have complied with them before changing operators. Then you can request the portability that allows you to continue with the same phone number.

# 5 Prevents portability risks: they are penalties to which the client may be exposed if at the last minute he decides to revoke the cancellation of the portability, because his current operator has made a better counter offer, for example. The entire context must be well evaluated and not hasty decisions taken.

# 6 Always make a smart consumption: The intelligent consumption of the mobile rate with the contracted operator can reduce the final amount in the monthly invoice. Acquiring a free terminal is cheaper, in addition to knowing well the operation of your rate and claiming your rights when you feel them violated it is important when maintaining a good operator-customer relationship.

# 7 Don't be afraid of change: To obtain a quality service without damaging your pocket, it is best to verify if another operator offers better and more adequate services and migrate.