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Download Yuka, the app to analyze thousands of products

We all know that smartphones are super complete devices They allow us to communicate, play video games, watch series or movies and also inform us better. And the information is power and with the app that we bring you today you will be more powerful. We already anticipate that Downloading Yuka is almost a must.

In ActualApp we have analyzed thousands of apps. Some succeed because they know how to take advantage of a passing fad or a good marketing campaign. But others, and those are the good ones, achieve success because they are useful, easy to use and because they add value to our lives. This is, without any doubt, the case of Yuka.

With Yuka you can scan products to find the healthiest

Let's get to the point. The operation of Yuka is very simple, with the camera of our mobile we scan the product barcode and the app gives us a lot of information. Easy right? We already warn you that the thing hooks, when you start you can not stop.

We imagine that now what you asked yourself is what kind of information this app gives us. Well, the products are analyzed following three criteria a priori objectives: the nutritional quality, if the product contains additives and what type of ecological character it has.

download yuka

If you dare to download Yuka, you can analyze more than 600,000 food products and 200,000 cosmetics. If you are one of those who want to be sure that what you consume is healthy, this app must have a place in your phone. It is undoubtedly one of the most famous applications of the moment.

Download Yuka is totally free

One of the things we like most about Yuka is that they claim to be 100% independent. They do not accept that the brands pay them to make up their analysis. This today is undoubtedly an added value. We have won, really.

In addition, as usually happens in these cases, everyone can install this app. It doesn't cost a single penny and It is available for both Android and iOS. Here we leave the links in case you want to download Yuka.

What do you think of this application? The truth is that in the newsroom of ActualApp he is peting it. We spend the day analyzing what we eat. We are not very healthy, I also have to say this. We should improve in this aspect. Long live Yuka!