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Buy the 256GB SanDisk Ultra pendrive with a great offer on Amazon

It is becoming increasingly common for many users to decide on the purchase of a laptop that does not offer a large storage capacity, since these models are quite economical – and, the truth is that solving it is as simple as possible. An example is to get a pendrive such as the SanDisk Ultra, which right now can be achieved with a great deal on Amazon.

The model that now has a discount in the well-known online store is the one that offers nothing less than 256 GB capacity, much more than some equipment in the market (mainly those that arrive from China with not very well-known brands, but the truth is that the usefulness of this accessory is great for all users). The fact is that, with this storage space, carrying documents and multimedia content from one place to another is completely possible and, all this, with dimensions that are hardly much larger than a finger.

The best accessories for laptops that should be carried in the backpack

If you wonder about the performance offered by SanDisk Ultra, the news is very good, since being compatible with the standard USB 3.0, the transfer rates reach readings of up to 100 MB / s (and very similar is what you get in writing). Therefore even many applications can be run from the pendrive we are talking about, which increases its usefulness in a clear way – that is, very demanding coding works or high resolution when reproducing them, such as 4K, it is best to use internal storage if possible.

SanDisk Ultra pnedrive design

Important details to know about SanDisk Ultra

One quite interesting is that the connector USB type A Using this accessory is retractable, so it hides through an integrated slider. Therefore, it is always safe and there is no degradation when taken from side to side with the laptop. In addition, in what has to do with the design, a rubber finish is included that protects SanDisk Ultra from falls and, in addition, there is an element at one end that allows the device to be hung on a key ring or other similar element that has . And, all this with a weight below 15 gramswe.

"SanDisk "SanDisk

When you buy this accessory you get the software SanDisk SecureAccess which makes it possible to encrypt the information that is stored in the product, which is a good detail for the sake of greater protection of the data that has been copied. Besides, its resistance to different situations is high, since it does not have many problems with dust or X-rays – so leaving it in the backpack at airports does not pose any danger.

Buy the pendrive with a great offer

Compatible with both the operating system Windows and macOS, this pendrive can now be purchased at Amazon with a 42% discount, so the savings you get when you take care of her pampering time is 25 euros, which is not bad at all. If you want to buy the SanDisk Ultra with 256 GB, you can do it in the link that we leave below: