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As Google will change to Android to end its main problem

One of the great virtues of Android It is its opening to virtually any manufacturer can make modifications, hence Android has a large community behind that has given us great innovations and improvements in the operating system for more than a decade. However, this also brought a problem that Google let go until it became a monster that seems impossible to overcome.

We refer to the fragmentation, which we have talked about many times here in Unocero, and which is to blame for many users taking a long time to enjoy the latest versions of Android, however, Google He has a plan to end it that goes beyond his projects as Mainline and Treble.

A new Linux kernel exclusively for Android

He kernel or kernel It is one of the most important parts of an operating system, and in the case of Android, its kernel is the original Linux in its variant LTS (Long Term Support), although Google s makes some modifications so that in the end This kernel is special for Android.

The problem is that Linux being open source allows anyone to take their kernel and modify it, and Google allows the kernel that they already modified for Android to be modified again by other manufacturers to create their own Android forks.

The problem is that Android forks are already outdated from the original version of Android when they are released, and if we consider that many other manufacturers take as a basis certain Android forks to then modify them again, because in the end their final versions are well behind the current version of Android that Google launches.

For this reason during the Linux Plumbers Conference, the people of Android have said that their vision for the future is that everyone work together, that the works are left aside separately, because to end the fragmentation of the operating system We must end the fragmentation of work between companies.

That is why there has been talk of a general kernel that is also based on Linux and that nobody should modify, it is not that it cannot be done, it is not that they should not do it, however, that will not mean that we stop seeing layers of customization, but that Everything is much more modular, as manufacturers can modify other parts of the system, but the kernel must be basically intact.

In this way the new versions of Android will be much easier to launch to the millions of phones in the market, and phones with more than 2 years will be able to continue receiving support of new versions of operating system for many more years.

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Of course, Google has not revealed many details about whether to allow other manufacturers to work in this kernel together with Google, but at the moment it seems a very complicated mission to achieve, although not impossible.